Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October 30, 2013

Where We Began ...
Thirteen years ago we moved into our wonderful blue house.  We were previously squeezing six of us into a small cape cod, so this baby blue seemed like a castle by comparison.  We maxed out our credit to purchase the house, so there was very little leftover for cosmetics.  I promised my husband that it was practically move-in ready and we wouldn't need to do much but slap some paint on the walls and carpet.  And I was pretty true to my word ... for thirteen years, anyways.

Now that our kids are older (and bigger) we were debating either a move into a larger home or renovate and stay put for a while.  It was an easy decision - we love our neighbors and neighborhood, so renovating it is.

Just to be clear, I/we have absolutely no experience or knowledge in renovating a home.  We've gotten lots of advice (good & bad) from friends and family who have gone through the process, but we're green when it comes to all things remodeling.  So, I thought it might be interesting and hopefully helpful to chronicle our remodel journey for anyone thinking about taking the leap. 


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